What's New
  • added relative path support
  • re-implemented Javascript support
  • added fullscreen support

mozplayerxp a scriptable mozilla mplayer plugin for linux

mozplayerxp is an attempt to embed videos in mozilla firebird and mozilla under linux, the goal is to implement as much windows media/apple quicktime support as possible.

you might ask why another plugin there's already one out there? mplayerplug-in?

mplayerplug-in uses many global variables in it's shared library enviroment this is not reliable since there might be problems when running more than one instances (it's like 2 people are going to share 1 glass at the same time)

the second aim is usability, this project relies on GTK2+ right now, another patch has to get submitted to the mplayer project for adding ALT-RETURN support to that plugin as well.

currently the plugin is able to switch to fullscreen, start and stop without any problems (that means the hardest part of that plugin is done since threading and forking don't affect anything else anymore)

I'm looking for people who are willing to spend their time on programming and advancing this plugin, the core of that plugin is written in c++
a bsd port has to be done, it's not hard to port it to bsd it just takes time (I've already done that with a previous release - but most mozplayer releases differ like day and night the design of the shared library changed very much over time)

important note:
to avoid cheap rip offs I keep that plugin in a private CVS I'm not going to update the public cvs until most of the plugin is done. if you want to get access just request it by writing a short email (I already experienced that case before so this time I'm aware of it)

Wed Nov 26, Markus Rechberger (mrechberger at web de)

The mozplayerxp project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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